About Loel

Loel ColemanSince the mid 90’s I have been in real estate and property management as well as learning the ins and outs of the international adoption process. I have negotiated numerous purchase, sales and lease contracts – including Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases –more often than not getting terms superior to other similar deals. I created a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to giving more opportunities to women in Guatemala. I have also been involved in the purchase and import of the crafts of these women for sale on the internet and at festivals.

In the 80’s I handled a full range of legal matters including domestic adoptions. I also co-owned and managed several businesses.

I have also had much experience in the non-profit sector since the late 1980’s. I worked with Clean Water Action Project, a national citizen’s environmental lobby in various parts of the U.S. I also did a stint with the Rainforest Action Network, an international human rights and environmental organization based in San Francisco. I was sent by them to “Eco ’92,” the United Nations global conference on environment and development in Rio de Janiero in 1992. While at RAN, I also dealt extensively with media outlets, film and documentary producers. I was also part of an emergency human rights delegation to Chiapas, Mexico in 1998 with Global Exchange, another San Francisco based organization, as well as going on many independent human rights observational missions of my own in Mexico and Guatemala.

I have also created a 501c3 non-profit – Somos Iguales – dedicated to educating less privileged girls and women in the world to afford them more learning and earning opportunities. Through my work with Somos Iguales I have gained first hand knowledge of the desperate plight of people of many parts of the world, especially in Guatemala. High infant mortality rates, abject poverty, malnutrition and widespread illiteracy are some of the factors that led me into becoming involved in handling inter-country adoptions from Guatemala.

Loel ColemanEducation

I did my legal education at St. Mary’s University Law School in San Antonio, Texas and the University of Houston Law Center – with joint studies at Rice University in Houston. My undergraduate degrees are in History/ Political Science with a minor in French.

I have participated in numerous seminars and classes to sharpen negotiating skills.

  • I have been licensed to practice law in the State of Texas since 1977
  • I have a thorough knowledge of domestic and international adoption.
  • I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Central and South America.
  • I am Spanish/ English bilingual making it easier for me to facilitate all of my projects wherever necessary
  • I have experience dealing with media and media outlets.
  • I am very familiar with non profit founding process plus management and operation.
  • I am very experienced in real estate management and other issues related .
  • I have handled international import matters.

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