Adoption Services

Loel Coleman - Adoption Services​ We offer Domestic and International adoption services.  More information can be found below.

Domestic/US Adoptions

Loel Coleman - Adoption ServicesWe can handle your Texas adoption personally. If you are in another state, we can refer you to an attorney in your area who will professionally handle your adoption in your state.

International Adoptions

  1. We compile your dossier, submit it to the State Department and get you pre approved for your adoption.
  2. We oversee the foreign adoption process and insure that all additional requirements of the U.S. State Department are met to get your adopted child home SAFELY.

For many years Guatemala was the most popular country for adoptions in this hemisphere. In 2007 around 5,000 children were adopted from there. Because of new United Nations requirement, no adoptions were begun in 2008. It is unknown if or when adoptions from Guatemala will resume.

Loel Coleman - Adoption Services

Countries where adoptions may be done now are El Salvadore, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia and Venezuela. Although not quite as easy as the Guatemalan adoptions were once, adoptions from these countries usually can be completed within a year.

Email for specifics for each country.

Birth Mother Location Services

As a result of the halting of international adoptions by the Guatemalan Government, I am now focusing on providing services for locating birth mothers. Because of my work with Somos Iguales, a 501c3 non-profit that I created, I have contacts and skills at locating birth mothers in even the most remote regions of Guatemala. With the growing popularity of open adoptions, there is always the opportunity for birth mother and child to have contact in the future from those who have previously adopted from Guatemala. This is a better way to allow contact with the birth mother without further stressing her fragile economic situation.