Artist Management

Loel Coleman - Artist ManagementNew Client/ Artist Management

I provide complete management services for artists, writers, performers, musicians, songwriters, athletes or anyone involved in any other area of media, entertainment, sports and other areas of performance. This includes complete management for your career plus negotiating, reviewing or writing contracts as needed.

Artist Criteria

The world of media and entertainment is tightly controlled by a few big players.  It is harder and harder to break beyond a certain level.  It not only requires talent and dedication, it also takes talented business players to figure out how to get around barriers and open doors grabbing opportunities that the client may not see.  That is my role.  Where your role is in perfecting your performance or production, mine is breaking it out.

I become one of the team, just like a band might take on a new musician.  The difference is, that instead of playing an instrument, I look for ways to get around the obstacles that the big boys put in the way. I deal with those seeking to hire your services putting my many years of negotiating and other business skills to work to maximize potential of every outlet for the artist.  This leaves the client free to focus more completely on their work.

To have the greatest chance at success, I have to limit myself to the very talented and driven.

First, the client has to have world class potential.  Many people want to be famous and successful in their field, but only a few make it. That is why I have to limit myself to clients with the greatest promise of success.  This means that the particular client must have the potential to be a world class performer.  This does not mean that they must currently be world class, but they must have the inherent abilities.  In other words, I will take on representation of a “diamond in the rough” and will work to shape and polish that gem into a world class performer.

Second, they have to have the drive and desire and determination to make it happen.  This may mean sometimes taking work that others who are not so dedicated would turn down.  I am looking for people to represent who are willing to “pay their dues” in their field if necessary.  Success depends a great deal on drive and dedication even if someone has the world class potential.

Finally, in order to make the best use of my skills, I have to limit representation to those who have established themselves to some degree in their field.  In other words, I am seeking clients that have ongoing work on one level and are ready to move on to the next and higher level.  In this way I can put my energy into the careers of a few promising talented people, increasing the chance of success.

Loel Coleman - Artist ManagementHow I charge for my services

I work on a commission basis, earning a percentage of the artist’s income.  The commission is from engagements and work that I was involved in arranging whether from an existing contact or new outlet. This means that any income from any source that comes after I come on board and that I was involved in negotiating or arranging.  For example, a musician may have an established relationship for performances at a certain venue, or an actor may have worked for a particular producer.  However, I will be the one arranging for future performances at that venue or producer and will receive a commission for income from future performances at that venue – since the responsibility of securing the future engagements will have been turned over to me by the artist.  Every attempt will be made to obtain a higher performance fee for the client for future performances or any other work to increase earning potential. That way I can be added as a part of the team without the artist needing to pay me from other income, and I can begin to be compensated for the initial investment of my time.  I become partners with you, working for your success. 

Even though many think that success can come overnight once professional management is on board, this is often not the case.  It takes lots of work from everyone and can take time to break onto a higher level.  Our contract usually is for one year, with options for two additional years if things look promising, to give adequate time to really achieve goals.

On rare occasions I work with artists who do not have ongoing performances.  I take a look at these artists on a case-by-case basis.  If I decide to take on an inexperienced artist, we charge a retainer fee which later can convert to a commission once performances are secured.

How to submit material to be considered for management

Send an email with a link to some of your music.  It can be your website or other website that has samples of your work.  DO NOT SEND MP3s.  Be sure and put “ARTIST SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

Send a personal bio or “one sheet.”

Then, I will personally review your material and get back to you.

So, if you are ready to get serious about your career, email me or give me a call to discuss how we can work together to get you where you want to be.